Emma Robson - 5 Time Arizona Club State Champion, Northern Arizona University Women’s Soccer 

I have been training with Kyle for about 4 years.  I started training with Kyle when he was named the strength and conditioning coach for my club team. I played for the Girls 1999 Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club and my coach started having us train with Kyle twice a week.  My athletic abilities have improved holistically through Kyle's training. I have become faster linearly and laterally, which has improved my speed of play as a center back. In the past two years my vertical has improved by 4 inches and the training increased my strength and muscle mass. Since I have become stronger through Kyle's training, it is easier to use my body to shield people and win balls in my soccer games.  Kyle had a big part in getting me where I am today with my soccer career. I play Division I soccer at Northern Arizona University and Kyle prepared me well for this caliber of strength training and conditioning. One of my major goals when I first started training with Kyle was to become a better and stronger player. I firmly believe that Kyle's training programs helped me accomplish these goals by improving my athletic abilities. What I like most about Kyle's approach to training is the independence that I feel when training with him. Yes, he does monitor my form to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly, but he allows me to go through the workout at my own pace. Some days I am in the mood to bust through my workout in 30 minutes and other days I need more rest time depending on my soreness. He also pushes me to move up in weight and lift weights that I didn't think I could handle. He pushes me to do my best while also having trust that I will complete the workout if he has other clients. My experience training with Kyle has been really beneficial. I improved athletically and could see my results through his training program. I went to workout with Kyle 5 times a week for the last couple years that I have trained with him and I can honestly say that I looked forward to going into the gym and working out. These programs are not workouts that I dreaded because I knew that his program would benefit me in the end. I became a better player and developed an enjoyment for weight lifting through Kyle's training. I would definitely recommend Kyle's training to others and I would recommend him as a trainer to a player of any age and of any caliber. Whether that is a youth player, a college soccer player, or even a professional soccer player. He is a great trainer and has benefited not only me but other girls on my team. 

Olive Jones Pic .jpeg

Olive Jones – 3 Time Arizona Club State Champion, 2015 Arizona High School State Champion, SC Del Sol Developmental Academy Player, University of Arizona Women’s Soccer

I have been training with Kyle since my freshman year of high school, which is a little more than 4 years.  As a young athlete I wanted to get ahead in my sport and gain more uniqueness or to stand out when I play. Kyle helped me achieve this with teaching proper running technique, footwork, and strengthening muscles to help me succeed in my sport.  Since I started training with Kyle,I noticed a change in my game. I was much stronger on the ball and it was very difficult for people to push me of the ball when I had it without creating a foul. I felt quicker in pace because he helped me adapt to a running technique that helped me gain a little bit more speed since I’m usually never the fastest player on the pitch. He also helped me with balance, footwork, and acceleration which are all important factors in my sport.  Being a stronger athlete helped me gain more confidence on the field which later resulted in me succeeding and excelling on the pitch. ( scoring goals)

Kyle knows what your limits are once you work with him for a little while. That’s something that is really important. Having a strength trainer that knows your personal limits is a great source to have because he will push you to whatever you are capable of doing, which is how athletes get better, stronger, and more mentally tough.  Overall, I had a great experience! His hard working mindset, focus, fun character, and passion is something that athletes need to be around. He creates a good atmosphere to be in. I would recommend Kyle to any athlete that is trying to excel in strength, speed, balance, agility, and more. He has so much experience and background knowledge about athletes in general that I believe he could help any athlete in any sport. He has worked extremely hard in his field to gain as much knowledge about how to better each and every athlete he sees which is something extremely unique.

Cathy Smith Headshot for website.jpg

Cathy Smith - adult client and youth athlete (Katie Smith) parent 

My daughter Katie has been training with Kyle since 2015 and I started training with him in January 2017. Although I have always considered myself an athlete, as I got into my 50's my body no longer responded to the exercising I had been doing and my diet really needed to change. In short, I felt tired and heavy. I chose to work with Kyle after speaking with him about his overall approach to training. Since I only knew him as a coach and trainer of kids, I wanted to be sure he would be comfortable with a woman over 50. Kyle offered a free session after which I was totally hooked. In my opinion, he is quietly intense. We work hard, but in a respectful, conversational manner.

We began with 3 sessions a week. He had me doing a lot more weight lifting than I had been doing, but done in circuits with bursts of cardio mixed in. Over 6 months I lost 12 lbs and 3 sizes. More importantly I felt so much better. More energy. I slept a lot better. Kyle gave me an eating plan that kept me from feeling hungry but gave me enough energy to workout, hold a full-time job and be a mom to 3 kids. 

Katie has improved her strength and conditioning by continuing to work with Kyle all year and not just with her soccer team during their season. Her improvement can be seen in the pre- and post- tests she has taken. Vertical jump, broad jump, 40 yd dash and cone drill have continually improved.  As the soccer season moved along, you could see a difference in the strength and speed of her play on the field.  Katie was proving herself to be physically the strongest player in most matches which also led to more self-confidence.

There are several aspects of Kyle's training that I like.  We always warm up and do not start until I am ready.  The workouts are always challenging, yet I have never been so sore that I would not be able to workout the next day.  The variety of workouts are great - we may work the same body part each week, but I have rarely repeated a specific workout.  Also, He has helped me with flexibility and given me several options of workouts to do on days we do not work together.  Kyle pays close attention to detail in form, reps, sets, and progress.

My experience as a whole has been terrific.  The best part is that I can do much of what I have learned on my own.  I feel great.  The meal plan has helped me make better overall choices of what I eat and does not feel like a diet.  

I would recommend Kyle to anyone interested in improving their exercise regiment, athleticism, and/ or eating regimens.  Whether the person is a beginner or professional athlete, Kyle has the knowledge and experience to build a program for anyone.  

Barb Chura Headshot for website.JPG

Barb Chura – AFSC 99 Girl’s Coach (5-Time State Champions), AFSC 00 Girl’s Coach, Xavier College Preparatory Women’s Soccer Coach (2017 Arizona High School State Champions), USSF “B” License 

I have been working with Kyle for almost three years now and I, as a coach, could not be happier. Strength/Conditioning/Fitness is essential and every competitive athlete needs a good program. I know that my soccer players not only have a good program but a great program and they have the best instructor in Kyle. Kyle has so many good qualities but the ones that first come to mind are: professional, experienced, and reliable. He takes his job very seriously and takes a great interest in each athlete. He understands that each player achieves results at different rates but he is confident that what he does with the athlete(s) over the long haul will be achieved. I am a witness to that. The results are visible. It is so gratifying to see my team competing against the best teams in the country and competing mentally and physically with them. And winning. To me, the program is a game changer. I truly believe that we have won so many more games because of Kyle's program.  The team chemistry improved because of his program and my team had virtually no injuries. I typically carry a small roster and over a two year period only one player sustained a season ending injury. The most recent club team I coached are players that are entering their first year of college and that team finished their youth career as 5 time state champions and were ranked as high as 15th in the nation. I truly believe that their talent combined with Kyle's program directly correlated with each other. Measurable results. Incredible! I would definitely recommend Kyle to any team at any level. As long as I am coaching, I will continue to work with Kyle. 

Andrew Weber Headshot for website.jpg

Andrew Weber -  Portland Timber – MLS Champion 2015, University of New Mexico Men’s Soccer, FC Arizona goalkeeper and First Team All-NPSL Goalkeeper/Golden Gloves Recipient

I have know Kyle Porter for some time now. We met way back when I played college soccer at New Mexico with his brother. Kyle has always strived to be the best as what he does and as a professional athlete you want to train with the best. So for the past few years I have been training with Kyle in my off seasons. His training has not only allowed me to maintain my fitness but has also allowed me to make huge strides in my overall strength, flexibility, and health. I can not tell you how many times I have gone back to my teams for preseason and felt prepared but even the coaching staff noticed how fit and ready I was. Besides the fact that Kyle is a top trainer the biggest thing that continues to impresses me about him is that he is so well rounded and continues to educate himself to push his career in sports training to higher heights. Whether you are a youth athlete, collegiate athlete, pro athlete, or the person that wants to make a change and improve their overall health I highly recommend that you reach out and contact Kyle. It will be one of best decisions you will ever make.


Izzy Deutsch Headshot for website.jpeg

 Izzy Deutsche – 5 Time Arizona Club State Champion, 2015 Arizona High School State Champion, University of Hawaii Women’s Soccer

I have been training with Kyle since I was a freshman in High School (four years).  At first he was the strength and conditioning coach at the club I played for, Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club. Initially, our team trained with Kyle once a week on the field doing movement training, which progressed to additional training in his facility twice a week for strength and conditioning.  As the team started training with Kyle in his facility I recognized the value and how it effected my performance on the field and started to work with him almost every day of the week.

Kyle helped prepare me so much for college soccer. If it wasn't for him spending the time to work with me individually and my club team, I would not be having as much success playing college soccer. He definitely prepared me for the intensity of collegiate athletics from a strength and conditioning perspective as it relates to soccer. Through his training he helped me perfect my technique with olympic style lifting and weight training and also movement which was a huge benefit to my start at University of Hawaii as I didn't have to spend extra time learning because he gave me a strong foundation of knowledge and experience going into college.

Kyle took the time to work with me individually year round and made me much stronger and faster than I was before. My summer going into college ball, he volunteered to help me run my fitness tests to make sure I was meeting the expectations of my team, while still working with me in the gym. During games I feel much more in shape than I did before and I have that extra tank to help me last the whole game due to his training.

I really like how Kyle takes the time to work with his athletes on what you are struggling with, whether it is fitness, speed, or technique. He is very friendly and personable with all of his clients and with his athletic background and being a prior college athlete he is very familiar with the college training environment and practices. Also, Kyle pushes you to your limits and even beyond, but still keeps in mind the health of your body so you do not over work yourself. Coming from personal experience, the summer before my freshman year of college I was overtraining myself. I thought the more I ran, played soccer, and lifted, the fitter I would be. Kyle noticed that my body was getting extremely fatigued and I couldn't work out as hard as a I could previously. He then confronted me and forced me to take care of my body by taking time off and allow it to recover. He taught me that there is such thing as overtraining and it can hurt you more than it benefits you. I have now learned to balance and make sure I get my recovery days.

Overall, my experience with Kyle was more than I could ever ask for. The individual attention I received was so helpful to develop as an athlete and accomplish my goal of being a Division I soccer player. He was super flexible with the times that I worked out because of my busy schedule. Some days if he couldn't fit me in my schedule during the week, he would take time out of his weekends just to open the gym for me and some of my teammates so we could still get our workouts in. I am the athlete I am today due to his training.

I would highly recommend Kyle to all ranges of athletes, no matter the age or sport. Even though Kyle is more soccer specific and more familiar with the sport, he has the training knowledge to work with anyone.

Aidan Davison Headshot for Website.jpg

AIDEN Davison - 19 year professional soccer player in the English Premier League and Championship Division in England, UEFA “A” License Coach, and FC Arizona Head Coach

Kyle worked with FC Arizona for our inaugural season in 2017. His work was outstanding and there is no doubt in my mind that his quality of work was vital in our season’s success.

We went undefeated all season and won our respective league and because of Kyle's professional approach to injury prevention no player missed training or games through overuse or soft tissue issues. This  is a testament to Kyle's approach. The playing staff were taken to new heights of fitness and conditioning. His delivery and execution of his work was instantly taken on board by the playing staff and coaching staff.

Thank you for your professionalism and excellence.