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Our team of qualified professionals has over 25 years of collective experience in strength and conditioning.  Every sport is different and has different primary movements, strength/power needs, and energy system needs.  As such, our programs are individualized specifically to the needs of each athlete.  We start with a pre assessment of the athlete/client to identify any dysfunctions that needs to be addressed and then move on to a performance assessment, targeting four areas: vertical jump, broad jump, 40 yard dash, and 5-10-5 test.  Once the athlete completes their program we will post-assess them to measure their progress throughout the program to insure that each athlete is maximizing their potential and improving as they should.  In general our program aims to improve every athlete or client’s movement skill, strength/power, mobility, stability, flexibility, and energy systems development in varying degrees depending on the athlete’s sport and position.  With all of our programs our end goal is to optimize movement,  enhance performance, and reduce risk of injury.  


We offer a variety of products to all sports including one on one training, small group training, team training, field training, yoga, and nutrition.  See programs and pricing for details.