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Porter’s Athletic Performance has a staff of three NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, all with at least five years of coaching experience, and have either graduated or are currently enrolled in a master's program in a strength and conditioning related field (Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Sport's Psychology, Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation, and Exercise and Wellness).  Our team offers sport specific strength and conditioning and we work with all levels of athlete (youth developmental, collegiate, and professional), utilizing science-based training methodologies to maximize each athlete's athletic performance by pushing their genetic ceiling further along the curve to reach new heights in their lives, athletically or otherwise.  

We are committed to developing athletes of all levels by first identifying potential risk via a movement assessment that could evolve into a larger issue if not corrected and neutralized.  Often times lack of performance is due to a dysfunctional movement pattern that is hindering the athlete's movement quality.  After we have a clear picture of an individual's movement quality and any debilitating dysfunction present we develop a corrective exercise strategy to return normal function to the area of concern.  This is particularly important for asymmetrical sports that use one side of the body more than the other due to that side being dominant, stronger, more coordinated.  Thus, our primary purpose is to first keep athletes healthy, minimizing risk of injury, and maintaining a functional body to perform the role as an athlete.  Athletic performance is a bi-product of quality movement and while it is one of our goals to increase performance it is not our only motivation.  In the words of Gray Cook, "first move well, then move often."  This is where many individuals fall short as they are so focused on bigger, faster, stronger, they forget to have any type of corrective measures to recover from strenuous activity which can lead to injury and time out of the sport.

Unfortunately, many strength and conditioning coaches have forgotten that we are in a service industry and it is our duty as coaches to continuously act in the best interest of the athlete and many times that means telling people something they don't want to hear.  An athlete (or their parent/coach) may want to increase strength/power and increase their speed, but what they really need is to increase their distal mobility and proximal stability thereby improving their bio-mechanical alignment, function, and movement quality.  Correcting or improving bio-mechanical and neurological function will naturally increase speed, strength, power, endurance, etc. simply because the body is in the correct posture to bear more weight, move quicker, and produce larger amounts of force with more efficiency.  Furthermore, once we have optimal movement quality, increasing athletic attributes becomes much easier and shows that sometimes we have to go backward in order to go forward.  That is also the job of a strength and conditioning coach, to help athlete's stay grounded, conscious, and focused on what needs to be done to accomplish the goal that was set when entering their program.  As a coach it is critical to be able to relate to the athlete by speaking to them in terms they can most understand or practicing empathy to build rapport, which will also create buy in and a sense of ownership from the athlete.  

We are creating a new generation of educated athletes that will better the culture of sport by being conscious of their body and what it needs to be the best version of themselves they can be, not only as athletes, but also as people.  It is our mission to aid in the development of athletes to compete at whatever level they desire whether it be recreational, competitive, collegiate, or professional.  As a company we always act in the best interest of the athlete and pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate to achieve success on and off the field/court. 




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